Just when you thought you had it… Winning The 50K Golden Sound.

What are the things normal people obsess over?

How to stay young-looking, how to keep in shape, how to lose weight, and even how to keep in touch with the times so you don’t miss out.

But what did Liz obsess over?

The Virgin Radio 104.4’s 50K Golden Sound contest. Then again I never said she was normal.

Picture this. It’s 6 a.m., what would you be doing?  Probably having breakfast or going on a morning jog but Liz?  Nope!

Last May 25th, she sat in front of that radio listening intently to every word…watching it like it’s a house pet that’s gonna try and run away.  I don’t even remember when all this started, I just realized one day that she’d been having me listen to an audio clip almost every day for almost one week and asking me what I thought it sounded like. It wasn’t anything too drastic until one day she dropped the bomb on me.

The 50K Dirham bomb!

It was a radio show, a radio show of all things! And yet that prize was so, so tempting. So, of course, I fully supported her in her little endeavor or quest or whatever it was but honestly by the end of it I think I might have been just as pissed as she was.

It started May 14th at 10,000 Dirhams, and for every time the golden sound was played with a wrong guess a thousand Dirham was added.


May 24th, when Liz realized she knows the sound but she couldn’t wait until the next day when the winning answer gets to bring home the 50K cheque  (50,000 Dirhams=13,612 USD), so she sent a message to the host of the show.


She din’t sleep well that night.

Morning of May 25th she sent a message to our group chat (to different parts of the world of different time zones)—


The fact was there were too many calls- the whole UAE must have been calling that time.

Note that I did not even try to keep up with this craziness till later… And soon another batch of people’s wrong answers started pouring in and boy did I start to question my sense of hearing. But Liz seemed to still have faith, she said “I got this!” and that having the list of wrong answers was actually a good thing.

She insisted.. she sent a message to Virgin Radio via the messenger app…. https://appsto.re/ae/MHYX5.i


Going back  to May 20th  when I scheduled an appointment with an ENT doctor, I remembered she just kept on guessing and grew more and more frustrated.  Like “pull my hair out and save money on a haircut the hard way frustrated” which, in turn, made me frustrated.

Remember back when 4 pics 1 word was huge and your friends would both entertain and torture you by asking for help on a puzzle they couldn’t do? Only for you to end up stumped as well and then you’d spend every waking moment of the next few days wondering just what the hell did those four pictures have in common.

It turned into that for me.

She’d have me listen to the audio again and if I couldn’t pin down exactly what that sound was it gave me an incredibly irritating itch worse than those sweaters your grandma knits for you every Christmas.

I went bonkers! I thought about it in the shower, at work, in the car, on the toilet!

Basically, I got pulled under.

Then finally the clues came.


Immediately right after the first clue we both realized just how wrong we were with each guess. The result was just plain depressing; I imagined Liz with her collection of pillows on the couch as she melted into a mass of human goo and just blankly stared at the wall.  As for me, it would have been funny if I hadn’t realized I was exhausted by the end of it.

In case you are wondering how the sound was like, here’s a link https://www.audioblocks.com/stock-audio/banana-peeling-sounds.html

And of course there was Jake..  the lucky and unassuming Jake. Congratulations!



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