Short and stout

When the food is all laid out in front of you….. you have to eat.

It doesn’t matter if it’s unusual, uncommon or just plain weird, I will try it.  And that has expanded my palate significantly. Food is food– I enjoy it.

How can you say no to a flavorful and diverse boodle fight; where you eat your spread out of food off of banana leaves with your bare hands like savages (trust me, it’s more fun than it sounds)? Everything is within your reach and there’s just so much– that you can’t even begin to choose what to try first.

BOODLE FIGHT louiseandrain

And what about those colorful, aromatic Indian meals?  Do you go for that bowl of curry that will definitely land you in the bathroom for the next hour? Or do you go with those samosas that will probably make you feel like you need some exercise in the next 30 minutes?

DOSA louiseandrain

Such a difficult choice.

Either way, having such a wide range of yummy treats presented to you is just plain delightful and delightfully confusing.

Dig in!


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