About Louise…she’s the middle child. Smart, crazy and sweet; always online to hear me out.  She loves make-up and other stuff normal girls are fond of .  I have big plans for her but she has her own so I am just standing by to support her as she fulfills all her dreams. Oh, and did I mention she really loves make-up?

About Rain…she’s our baby.  The giver.  The weirdo.  Her brain is full of thoughts, bizarre most of the time and yet whenever I reflect on them I cannot help but empathize. It gives me joy and pride because she shares with me that beautiful mind of hers.

About me…I am based in Dubai.  Working far away from my kids. I got three.  Elai is the eldest.  The kind one. Always calm, loves life and everything it has to offer.

I try to be present in their lives in every possible way.